3 Signs It’s Time to Demo Your Driveway

Does your driveway need to be demolished? When thinking of demolition services, often your driveway may not be the first thing that comes to mind. Unfortunately, driveways do require demolition and replacement at times, the trick is figuring out when it’s the right time for replacement. Ultimately, it’s up to the homeowner or landlord to decide when the time is right, however, here are a few signs that might help you decide if your driveway is ready, or in need or being demolished and re poured.

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While a few small cracks are normal as concrete does settle over time, if the cracks are long, wide, or deep you may need to have your concrete demolished. Unfortunately, there isn’t a specific measurement that determines if your cracks are in need of repair vs. replacement which can make it difficult to identify if the problem is minor or serious. Having a professional inspect your driveway to see what the best course of action is can help answer any questions you may have and determine the severity of the cracking. It is also important to note that a few cracks don’t always mean that your driveway will need to be replaced as in many cases, a few cracks can be easily repaired.

3 Signs It’s Time to Demo Your DrivewaySinking Concrete

If installed correctly, your driveway should be slightly angled to allow for proper drainage, however, if the drainage, or grading, isn’t constructed properly, you may notice portions of your driveway started to sink or sag. Other things that could cause improper draining, and thus sinking concrete, could be from potholes, cracks, pits, etc. and could force water to be trapped in areas both within and surrounding your driveway, thus leading to the sinking concrete. In some cases, you can salvage the concrete be injecting materials below the concretes surface in an effort to help lift and level the sinking concrete, however, most professionals agree, sinking concrete is nearly always a sign that replacement is inevitable.

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Both potholes and pitting are generally a sure sign that your driveway is in need of replacement. The actual cause behind either pitting or potholes can be caused by a multitude of different things, whether natural aging and deterioration, hailstorms or natural elements damaging the concrete, and even the weight of the vehicles being parked could all be culprits. Leaving potholes or pitting unattended can cause drainage issues, foundation issues and so much more, one of the main reasons that demolition and replacement is always recommended for driveways displaying pitting as well as potholes.

If you think your driveway may be in need of demolition services, or if you have any questions regarding the demo services we provide, please feel free to contact our office at any time.

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