Reasons You May Want to Demolish Your Chimney

Making the decision to demolish any part of your home, especially a chimney, is generally accompanied by a lot of planning, prepping, and thinking before you finally reach the decision to move forward with demo. While some demo projects may be simpler than others, one major demolition job is the demolition of old chimneys. For some, especially those calling cooler climates such as the Pacific Northwest home, the idea of demolishing a chimney may seem foolish as warming up next to a crackling fire creates a near picturesque indication that Fall and Winter have arrived.

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Despite the quaint stigma that seems to surround fireplaces, especially during this time of year, there are a few reasons that many people may land on demolition as their solution. It is also important to remember that chimney demolition can be done in a few different ways, either a partial chimney or fireplace demo, or a complete removal. So, what’s the main culprit that leads to the decision of demolition?

Leaks & Structural Damage

The most common reasons for demolition is due to structural damage and leaks that may be found within the stack or fireplace. Chimney stacks are often integrated into the structure of your home, and if a structural problem arises, chances are you could end up spending just as much to fix the damage as you would to demolish the whole thing and have no further maintenance. It’s no secret that there is regular, and sometimes costly maintenance that accompanies chimney’s, from routine chimney sweeps to the cost of wood, cleaning, etc. many homes were built when a fire was the main source of heat, and in today’s world, a fireplace simply isn’t as needed as it once was.

Finding a leak within your chimney is another huge red flag, while finding, identifying, and fixing the leak can be a timely, and again costly task, oftentimes this is only done after the leak has caused a good deal of damage, and often already contributed to mold growth. For many people, if mold is found, they simply don’t want to worry about any future leaks or mold issues as is could lead to health concerns among many other red flags, so removing the chimney/fireplace altogether seems like the best option.

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It is important to remember, that while some demo projects can be done yourself, when it comes to removing a chimney you nearly always want to hire a reputable and professional demolition company, as improper chimney demolition can lead to structural damage, roof damage, and more, causing hefty repair bills in the future.

If you have a chimney that needs to be demolished, have questions regarding our demolition services, or would like to speak to one of our demo experts, please feel free to contact our office at any time.

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