Helpful Tips to Remove Your Backsplash Without Hiring a Demolition Crew

Removing backsplash within your kitchen or bathrooms is often a task that many people choose to leave to the professionals. While there are a few different reasons that many people forgo a DIY approach when it comes to removal, the most common is that they are unsure if they can effectively remove or demolish the backsplash without causing severe damage to the drywall, which can often lead to replacement. While hiring a demolition company to do your removal is often the more popular choice, especially by those who don’t have demolition experience or expertise, there are a few tips and tricks that you can use should you choose to remove your old backsplash on your own, even without causing damage your drywall.

Clear the Area

First and foremost, clearing the area of any and all debris, kitchen countertop appliances, etc. is key in ensuring that you have an open and functional workspace.


To avoid any accidents while working, make sure to turn off all electricity in the area where you’ll be working prior to starting the removal.


Next, remove all faceplates such as outlet covers or light switch covers that interfere or cover parts of the backsplash.

Remove Tiles

Using a putty knife and a hammer, gently tap the knife along the edges and corners of the backsplash to loosen and remove the tiles. Tapping the knife lightly is key as it will help eliminate the changes of gouging or damaging the drywall while removing the tiles with an accidental slip of the knife.

Identify Adhesive

There are two different types of adhesives that are most commonly used when installing backsplash, identifying which type is used will help determine how to continue the demo and removal of your backsplash.

Fill Drywall

Unfortunately, regardless of how careful you are, chances are there will be a few areas that need to be filled, whether small holes, gouges, etc. Use a drywall joint compound to fill any areas that need to be leveled out and smoothed.

Sand and Prep

Finally, once your drywall compound has fully dried/cured, you can now sand down your wall, ensuring that it is smooth and provides an even surface. Once sanded down, it is time to prep your wall, whether by texturing and painting, applying a new backsplash, etc.

Whether you are in need of backsplash demolition and removal, or other demolition services, please feel free to contact our office at any time and one of our team members would be more than happy to assist you.

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